Mr. Bass graduated from the University of Waterloo with an honours degree in mathematics and computer science. He then spent three and one-half years in labour relations with The Metropolitan Toronto School Board.  He was the Board’s key resource in preparing data in support of the Board’s positions in negotiations with teachers. Following that, Mr. Bass became the Director of Research and Information and a senior negotiator with the Ontario Hospital Association.   In addition, he also developed an interactive computerized data system in support of province-wide bargaining and contract administration in that sector, including a total compensation model to accurately measure settlement costs for the numerous participants. In his role of Director of Research, Mr. Bass sat as the OHA representative on many central bargaining teams including those involving OPSEU, SEIU and CUPE.  Mr. Bass graduated to the role of chief spokesman in negotiations and at arbitration in the 1980/81 set of hospital central negotiations with CUPE and SEIU.

In 1982, Mr. Bass established Bass Research Services Ltd., concentrating on compensation models, computerized labour relations’ data systems, contract negotiations and interest arbitration in a number of the public sectors, as well as interest and rights’ nominee work. The activities of Bass Research Services Ltd. now form an integral part of Bass Associates Professional Corporation.

Mr. Bass has represented Governments, Nursing Homes and Homes for the Aged, Retirement Homes, CCACs, Home Care Providers, Hospitals, Police Services, and Universities in negotiations and arbitration.  The role taken is typically the chief spokesperson at the bargaining table or interest arbitration hearing, and is often in the context or province-wide multi-employer negotiations.

Mr. Bass was appointed to the Ministry of Health negotiating team in the deliberations with Ontario’s Doctors and has acted in that capacity since 2011.

– Pay Equity and Job Evaluation

– Complex Compensation Issues c) Various Compensation Models

– Spokesperson Roles in Negotiations

– Problem-solved, Interest-Based Bargaining

– Presentation Skills [Interest Arbitration, Management Board of Cabinet]

– Working with a Team of Senior Representatives
– Working with Senior Government Officials and Management Board of Cabinet i) Analytical Skills and Strategic Insight

Bob Bass, Principal

Bob Bass


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