Bass Associates has grown significantly in its size and scope of practice since its inception in 1982 (as Bass Research), but retained its focus on collective bargaining, interest arbitration and the research support required for these important processes. After many years of research we have developed a database on collective agreement provisions as well as compensation levels across the public and healthcare sectors.

The Bass Associates database is without parallel in Ontario labour relations. It tracks wages, benefits and premiums for many unions including all unionized employers in Long Term Care (Homes for the Aged, Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes and contract services), Community Care (CCAC, Home Care Providers) and Acute Care (Hospitals). The database is accessed by Bass Associates propriety software which allows for reports in virtually any combination and format.

These reports and data give Bass Associates professionals the tools to provide unique insight for our many clients in these sectors. The extensive information and related analytics are the foundation for the unparalleled expertise of our professionals in preparing and presenting interest arbitration briefs.

This focus on data and research enables Bass Associates to review and analyze the settlement trends, management initiatives, union initiatives and arbitral precedents in collective bargaining which can impact collective bargaining outcomes and interest arbitration decisions.

With these tools at their disposal, Bass Associates professionals act as spokesperson in hundreds of bargaining relationships often for individual employment settings. In addition Bass Associates leads or participates in numerous province wide negotiation settings including:

  • The SEIU, ONA and UNIFOR central nursing home groups – Spokesperson with SEIU since 1982, with ONA since central process started in 1990 and with UNIFOR (and it’s predecessor union) since 1982
  • Hospital central bargaining processes for OPSEU (4 rounds), ONA (4 rounds), SEIU (1 round) and CUPE (2 rounds) – Chief spokesperson.
  • The Ontario Teaching Hospitals, Medical Residents (PARO) – Spokesperson for employers since 1982.
  • OACCAC Central bargaining processes covering all Ontario CCACs with ONA, OPSEU and CUPE – Spokesperson for all agreements since 2011.
  • Doctors (OMA, AMA) – Bass Associates have represented Ontario Government since 2011 and Alberta since 2013 in negotiations with OMA and AMA respectively
  • Ontario Government and OPSEU – Spokesperson since 2008 with three negotiated agreements covering 35,000 employees.
  • Ontario Government, Ontario Crown and Civil Lawyers (1200 lawyers) – Spokesperson in all negotiations and interest arbitrations since 2000.
  • Ontario Government and AMAPCEO – One interest arbitration and three negotiated agreements covering 12,000 employees.